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  • Africa: The Role of Emerging Technologies in Military Conflicts
    am 17. Oktober 2019 um 12:06

    [IPS] Stockholm -Throughout history, technology has transformed armed conflict. The carnage of First World War battlefields is a stark example of what happens when advances in weaponry outpace the normative frameworks around its use. […]

  • Africa: UN’s Cash Crisis Can Have Serious Consequences, Staff Unions Warn
    am 17. Oktober 2019 um 12:05

    [IPS] United Nations -The UN’s smoldering cash crisis, which has threatened staff salaries and payments to vendors, has triggered strong reactions and rattled the over 6,400 staffers who work in the 39-storeyed Secretariat building in New York. […]

  • Africa: Vodacom Rolls Out Upstream’s Free Data Platform Zero-D As Flex
    am 17. Oktober 2019 um 11:44

    [Balancing Act] London -Running out of mobile data is a cliff-edge moment: you either buy more if you can afford it or wait if you can’t. Upstream’s Zero-D is a kind of free data purgatory before you get back to paid data heaven. Russell Southwood spoke to Upstream’s Head of Zero-D Kostas Kastanis about what it’s trying to do with what it hopes will become an advertising-supported platform […]

  • Africa: Free Trade Is Dead
    am 17. Oktober 2019 um 11:43

    [IPS] Hanover/ Brussels -In recent years, global trade and trade policy have become central socio-political issues. The planned EU-US trade agreement TTIP triggered an unprecedented storm of indignation and resistance. […]

  • Africa: World Poverty Day – An Opportunity to Reimagine the Future of African Youth
    am 17. Oktober 2019 um 11:43

    [allAfrica] Johannesburg -Commemorating World Poverty Eradication day presents an opportune moment to reflect on the status of Africa’s journey of development as a means for the continent to step out of poverty, and take its place as a global superpower. It must be celebrated the fact that Africa has achieved positive strides in reducing poverty and accomplishing the aspirations set out in Agenda 2063. […]