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  • Africa: African Multinationals Bring Home Much More Than Profits
    am 17. November 2019 um 8:23

    [The Conversation Africa] Often when companies take their operations abroad, a practice referred to as internationalisation, the main intention of the owners or managers is to increase corporate earnings. They achieve this by reaching new foreign customers. They may also get closer to sources of raw materials and thus reduce costs. […]

  • Africa: Africa, Europe Must Partner As Equals – Lawmakers
    am 17. November 2019 um 8:10

    [New Times] Lawmakers from the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries convening in Kigali on Saturday pushed for a strong Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP) parliamentary network and particularly emphasized the need for their European counterparts to respect the dignity of Africa. […]

  • Africa: How Digital Training Can Help Supervisors Lift PhD Output
    am 15. November 2019 um 15:02

    [The Conversation Africa] Several African countries have increased the number of new universities and increased enrolments as part of an effort to boost tertiary education and development. […]

  • Africa: History Batters Indigenous Bolivians Yet Again
    am 15. November 2019 um 14:25

    [New Frame] The overthrow of the democratically elected president is an attempt to restore a centuries-long history of racist domination and exploitation. […]

  • Africa: The Growing Threat of Water Wars
    am 15. November 2019 um 7:36

    [Daily Maverick] The severity and frequency of conflicts over water are set to increase, as climate change alters rainfall patterns, leading to more frequent, intense, and prolonged droughts and floods. […]